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Colorful Poetries combo

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 291

The Purple Rain

The important thing is that we find the courage to get our stories out into the world.

In “The Purple Rain” the author tried to mirror an important part of her life story, a journey through past four years. Death of her father, and everything in between. A feeling she probably would never be able to explain…like a directionless whirlwind.

At once, this book is a depiction of Hope, Survival, and Determination.

Myriad Colors of Life

The poems - Myriad Colors of life an anthology, is a collection of poems reflecting on different facts of our lives. The conflict between good and bad, tragedy, child abuse, woman empowerment, and other aspects of life. This is my first collection of poems to be published. I hope you readers' go through the same emotions in reading these poems, as I went through while writing these poems.

I Kiss You Blue

“...His lips and breath and the evil mess of coco death. I wouldn't have minded double-death....!”


"Kiana's flashing words illuminate the landscape of our heart and shake our souls. At once innocent and knowing, hopeful and heart-rending, this collection of poems is a life-affirming celebration of both the human spirit and the liberating fires of imagination.”

___ Leo O'Sullivan (Writer, Former Script Consultant for Al Pacino’s Chal Productions, Screenplay Analyst for Heat, The Insider, Collateral and more; NY/LA) 

“...I knew. I knew that you fell in Love with me when you read me....”

'I Kiss you Blue' presents the essence of her understanding of life, experiences, pain, pleasures, love, beauty and sorrows.

They are heartfelt, direct and quite powerful. They have a blend of innocence, passion, and immediacy; which hit you fast and hard. And that's what makes it memorable. 

This book is for you if you sometimes feel that you have an unexpressed volcano of emotions that might erupt anytime, or you want to get lost somewhere and still be present or you believe in 'soul-some' love. As you travel thru pages of this book, you may find your voice somewhere. You may discover a thought or words which may be a silent catharsis for you.

While reading Kiana's Poems, you will experience those 'Little Joys' of daily lives as well as deep dive into human psyche where you feel you rather stay 'Unborn'.

Come, hold 'I Kiss you Blue' in your hands and 'Finally!' experience how 'You Fell In Love' while she takes you through the beautiful journey with her earnest words. Embrace the fulfilling roller-coaster experience!

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