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COCO: A Cat's Magical Journey

Author | Nandita Chakraverti Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445820 Pages | 46

About the Book:

Join Coco the cat and her unusual band of friends – Alex the lazy ant, the smelly buy lovable raccoon, the musical grasshopper with his sticky tunes, and Guppy the goat with endless curiosity as they embark on an enchanting adventure that will take them from cozy corners of their farm to the mysterious depths of a ship’s pantry. Each page is a celebration of camaraderie, wit, and the kind of courage that only comes from the heart of the truly adventurous.

As these friends navigate challenges and discover the wonders hidden in everyday moments, they learn that with imagination, even the smallest creature can have the biggest adventure.

Remember, Imagination is the sail to the ship of adventure, where every destination glows with the magic of possibility.

About the Author:

Nandita Chakraverti, a vibrant senior citizen from Mumbai, combines her love for writing with a deep passion for nature and social advocacy. A University of Delhi alumna, she holds a Master's in Political Science and a B.Ed., reflecting her rich educational background. Nandita's teaching career spanned decades inspiring students aged 7 to 17. She then became an astute investor in the financial markets and still runs a family office.

Her passion for poetry, kindled at age 10, evolved into crafting enchanting stories. Her book, "Coco: A Cat’s Magical Journey," whisks young readers to a world where animals, from cats to frogs, experience thrilling adventures, teaching friendship and bravery.

Nandita's connection to nature, with travels to the Himalayas and India's tiger reserves inspires her creativity. Beyond writing, she is a dedicated advocate for senior citizens' rights, actively contributing articles to newspapers and social media.

Nandita is a blend of an investor, educator, writer, nature enthusiast, and social activist, making her an inspiring figure in her community.

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