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Bestselling Combo of Enchanting Storybooks for Kids | Stories for Curious Children | Illustrated Set | Magic & Adventure for Kids

Author | Vibhav Tanuku, Katie Bagli , Aaryaveer Kochhar Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 168

"Bestselling Combo for Adventurous Books for Kids | Fun and Frolic | Drama and Suspense | Thrilling and Fascinating

StoryMirror believes in the statement - Books create warm emotional bonds between adults and kids when they read books together. The books in this combo are informative, has a story to tell your kids and leaves the young readers wanting for more. These books are a good start to develop reading habits in school going kids and young teens. These books are interactive and interesting and hence, can be the next birthday gift for the little humans. 

Adventures of Nelton - The Era of Dinosaurs

A single-panel comic book for young kids by a 7-year-old. ""Adventures of Nelton"" is a comic series inspired by Hergé's classic ""The Adventures of Tintin''. In the first book of the series, 'Adventures of Nelton: In the Windy Island of Babadazos' , Nelton and team set out on an adventurous trip to bring home a treasure. Now, in the second book of this series, ""The Era of Dinosaurs”, Nelton and his team travel in time to the era of dinosaurs for the welfare of mankind. They bid adieu only after engaging kids in stimulating activities. This book is packed with as much fun, frolic, suspense, drama and a futuristic vision as the first one. The author Vibhav is a 7-year-old who loves to play, paint and create stories. He weaves magic through his tales that can mesmerize anyone.

Let’s Peep into the Insect World

This book endeavours to arouse the curiosity of its readers about insects. There is a lot we can learn from these intriguing six-legged creations of Nature. Can you imagine how orderly and stream-lined the life of that pencil-point sized ant crawling towards your sugar pot could be? Do go through the pages of this book to get a sneak peek into their entertaining and fascinating lives. The author Katie Bagli is a passionate nature lover and has been awarded the prestigious Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Award 2018-2019 in appreciation of her constant efforts to sensitise the young about our planet's wildlife and the need to protect it.

Christmas On Mars

Written by a seven year old, this book is a beautiful reminder that at Christmas, dreams really do come true. Propelled by the vivid imagination of a seven year old child, this book surrounds you with the magic of Christmas, while whisking you away on a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. With alien encounters, clever antics of Santa's elves and lots of Christmas cheer, take flight with Rudolph on an enchanted journey like never before. The author Aaryaveer is seven years old. He plays piano, plays tennis, loves to speak on stage, is an active social worker, is now an author and dreams of selling ice cream when he grows up.


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