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Cherry Grey

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Author | Aekas Oberoi Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 30


This book is about the mischievous, always-up-to-no-good doll, CHERRY GREY!!! She loves to make fun of toys and toy around with them (see what I did there?).


Now every single dinner time, the toys come alive and have the whole playroom to themselves and this becomes the cue for Cherry Grey’s pranks.


The toys are always pretty angry and mad at her, but does she apologize to them? NO!

And she doesn’t care either!


Now who wants to be friends with her? No one! Well except one, except well, Nancy doll. Nancy is more like Cherry’s personal servant than her friend.


Nancy came in the same toy set as Cherry and Cherry was supposed to be a kind doll but was not really so. But

Nancy believes that Cherry does have REAL GOOD BEHAVIOUR in her so she sticks around Cherry. That pretty much adds up to why only Nancy doll is Cherry’s best friend.


But this time, Nancy went with one of the toy owners to Paris as she was her favorite doll. Now Cherry is alone in her dollhouse and has nobody else around who would listen to her!


The toy room winds up with a crazy adventure since Nancy is gone!


Aekas has always been an imaginative girl. Her passion is writing and an author most of you will know, Enid Blyton, Is her inspiration and she read quite a lot of Enid Blyton's books. After 5 years of reading, she finally wanted to write a book of her own and she wrote

one indeed. And this book you are reading is her very first piece. Her

hobbies include: Art, Skating, Listening to music, Poetry and a few more.

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