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Author | Dr. Aditi Gadegone Raisinghani Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789391116217 Pages | 20

About the book:

Chinky, the protagonist in this story, is a lovely girl, very dear to her mother. Her mother, who understands her weaknesses, along with the help of the doctor & teacher tries to bring back Chinky's lost confidence.

By this story the author is trying to spread awareness regarding the importance of very small things during childhood, which if ignored can cause big problems as kids grow. So let's Help Dr. Aditi in enlightening the parents & their kids about maintaining the god gifted beautiful eyes and thus the vision.

About the author:

Dr Aditi is a small town girl with a very modest upbringing. In her childhood she was a shy kid with low self esteem.

While completing her MBBS. SHE EXPERIENCED WHOLE NEW WORLD, wherein HER HIDDEN TALENTS LIKE DANCING PAINTING AND ACTING CAME OUT SHINING. Her self confidence got a boost of a lifetime, transforming her into a dynamic personality.

She was then gifted with 2 beautiful kids, who bestowed her with motherhood. It was these kids and her learnings with them which she found worth sharing with the world. The large part of which was the bed time Stories which not just inculcated a good habit in the kids but also prepared them for this world in a playful manner.

To keep them intrigued, she herself began writing stories.

Till date she has published "chasma". And few more to come...

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