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Celestial Bodies | Poetry of Life's Imperfect Lessons

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Author | Gaurav Dhawan Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Ebook Pages | 75

About the Book:

The volume beyond this scrawled introduction contains a collection of heartfelt musings that are close to the soul of this author. Scribbled on scraps of paper, blurred in blue ink upon bed sheets, and typed restlessly in Notes. The matters poured with reckless abandon within these covers reflect upon a deeply personal journey, one that has shaped and moulded the vision and reality of not only an individual, but of the world in which he finds himself. A place we all dwell in from time to time, a shadowed mirror of the lives we live. One that is by no means perfect… but undoubtedly true to each of us.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Ghaziabad to a loving family, the author passed through struggles and hardships many would never expect to face. Finding comfort and self-expression within the outlet of poetry and prose, the heady rush of putting words upon paper has allowed him to process the struggle of aging into a world already overrun by forces beyond his control.

With poetry came a love for other arts; dance and photography opened doors that allowed a wayward soul entry into the greater world. Travel abroad in Egypt birthed a wanderlust that soon encouraged him to leave home behind and move to Australia, where he has been living, studying, working, and writing ever since.

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