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Bestselling Book Combo on Vedas & Caste | Indian History | Indology | Theology (Set of 2)

Author | Rajeev Venkat, Sridhar Chitta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 800

Rs. 1049

Bestselling Book Combo of Life Inspiring Books (Set of 2)

The Vedas are considered to be one of the most sacred scriptures of the Hindu religion that are also helpful in making us wise, composed, and knowledgeable. They are claimed to be among the world’s oldest scriptures. Buy this combo to know more about our ancient culture, stories of Purana and Itihaas, and much more.

Cast Your Caste Away : The Clarion Call of Sanatana Dharma

This Book attempts to address the prevailing Caste System or the Jāti parampara in the Indian society. This book retells some stories from the Puranas and Itihaas as interesting narratives with bold, thought-provoking counter arguments to provide course correction to the perspective. The Book appeals to the ordinary, informed, inquisitive, thinking, sensible, common man who finds this divide as a scar on the society. The author Rajeev Venkat holds a post-graduate Degree in Management in addition to his Degrees in Engineering and Law. Yet, he considers himself as a perennial student on the path of Advaita Vedanta, his foremost introduction. This book is an attempt to honestly present facts in a simple language.

The Knowledge in the Vedas

The book explores the relation between the Divine Reality & the ritualistic worship practised by Hindus. It describes interpretations of the symbols used by Rishis in Rig Vedic hymns & of important slokas of Isha Upanishad & also describes the Vedic & Sankhyaic Paradigms, which are frameworks for the knowledge embodying Creation. In most Hindu households, worshippers seldom discuss the spiritual significance of mantras & sthothrams making it appear that the Gods they worship are different from reality. Some chapters are interpretations of the Lalitha & Vishnu sahasranaamas, Ganapathi Vaibhavam, Sri Rudra and Gajendra Moksham including their spiritual context. The author Sridhar Chitta is a retired Professor of ET.

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