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Broken Illusions : Poems on Love, Relationship and Human lives

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Author | Shivaji Pandhare Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 150

About the Book:

On reading this collection of poems, the reader will appreciate the  different perspectives about love, relationships, and human lives and values. The poet writes with hope that humaneness, compassion and gallantry will pervade humanity but at times it seems impossible and feels like swimming against the stormy waves.

Every poem weaves unique characters where people seem obsessed with materialistic happiness losing his own identity and existing in a lonely lost world with his subtle woes; and life seems simply becomes hard task for everyone.

The poet shares his bitter life experiences with loved ones and tries in his words to capture their myriad shades of faces. Given the uncertainty of life and how it constantly changes, the poet turns to introspection and mediation on the mystic ways of life; he urges the readers to observe the weird drama of life and the monkey mind.

About the Author:

Shivaji has enjoyed writing poems since his early childhood days. He was fond of reading English novels and poems of renowned authors and poets. He was awed by their whole-hearted dedication to the art of writing and how the painted mankind which sensitized the poet against the illusionary existence of humans, their concerns and hopes.

Only art can serve as the medium to express one's real emotions, passions and perspectives. It makes one question why the world is full of sadness and tragedy and why are humans persevere in their search for the ream meaning of life. it's the poet believes that art is a potent weapon to unleash the power of his cryptic mind, and the immortal wealth of knowledge and has plunged himself into the world of art and literature.

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