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Breathing - The Wisdom of Life


Swami Amano Moksha
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About The Book:

The human life is a passage, a growth towards a flowering reaching the pinnacle of the growth of human consciousness. The life is a beautiful time and space dimension of learning and growing towards Buddhahood of timeless and spaceless dimension of pure consciousness. The life is not an arrival, not a destination in itself, rather a milestone with an arrow-mark to march ahead amidst intrinsic passivity of non-desiring, non-identifying and non-perpetuating of life’s unconscious habit and instinct pattern of robotic nature. Hence the passage of life has got to be enshrined with pains and sorrows, turmoil and torment, agonies and anxieties, hate and fear, diseases and ailments of the body-mind in a thousand and one ways of manifestation.

The synoptic expression of the book is carved out of a wider genesis of the breathing as a way of growing human wisdom and bliss, health and harmony, creativity and beauty as a metamorphosis of therapeutic balancing of body, mind and soul. It looks forward seeking a healthy humanity enthralled with a lightening of inner being, wisdom and beauty, aesthetics and altruism, festivity and celebration of life on this planet earth thriving better human souls of the forgotten paradise.

About The Author:

Swami Amano Moksha, an OSHO Sanyasi, is just an ordinary human being embodied, but a nobody presently living on this planet Earth wondering about the mystery of life.

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