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Books Written by Children

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 600

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From stories to poems, from chocolates to crimes, from anthill to adventures and from vivid imagination to avid reader - Buy Books Written by Children for the children.

Kartik and Mixie

Kartik and Mixie is a book about journey of creation. This book consists of stories of Kartik, a ten year old boy and Mixie, a walking talking robot. It is a compilation of interesting stories which are inspired from day to day incidents. It is a reflection of people’s problems that Karnav saw around and their possible solutions drawn by Kartik and Mixie together. This is his first attempt to publish a book, a journey that you will love reading.

9 Chocolatey Bites

From growing tails to talking ants, everything is just one big pickle in this fun collection of stories. In a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get next. Every chocolate has its very own surprise and taste, and so does every story in this book.

Lost The Capture

The book is a complete world of mystery and crime-solving itself. Lucy, the protagonist, wanted to remember something. Desperately remember. But her parents died to ensure she didn’t remember. Read on to find what did Lucy forget?

Christmas On Mars

Propelled by the vivid imagination of a seven year old child, this book surrounds you with the magic of Christmas, while whisking you away on a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. With alien encounters, clever antics of Santa's elves and lots of Christmas cheer, take flight with Rudolph on an enchanted journey like never before !

Ultimate Mischief Destination

The story includes her interesting set of teachers interacting with her peculiar friends in the queerest possible situations which will make the reader laugh and dive into their memories.

From The Warehouse Of Quatrains

Poetry is a faculty of mind, not something that needs to be imposed on human psyche. We all have a poetry taking shape at the subconscious level. For some of us it may be the melody of a popular song or even a casual one-liner spoken among friends.

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