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Book of Startup

Author | StoryMirror Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Book Marketing Pages | 200

Rs. 1000

Everyday someone comes up with a new business idea. 

But only a few have the courage to execute it. 

Your courage and grit deserves to be recognised.

We know starting a business is NOT EASY! There are missed dinners, straining eyes, days when you get no sleep and days when things have to go wrong before they go right..Your business isn't just an idea but all your blood, sweat and tears put together. 

Every business owner faces immense pressure - to provide for his employees, for his family, for the growth of his company. There are countless humiliations, rejections and failures behind every success story. These emotional highs and lows are stepping stones into what each business becomes but rarely get the recognition they deserve. 

But all this labor is not in vain and the fruits of it are sweeter than ever. You are proof of the levels of success that ideas and efforts can yield. From investors to employees to the recognition of your name - it all exists as a reminder of what an individual can achieve. There were lows but now you have unlocked new heights. 

Though the number of startups in India is humongous, their stories can get lost in the crowd.

We want to make you stand out. It’s your time to let your business tell its story.

This is our attempt to make such inspiring stories IMMORTAL. 

Join us in bringing the story of your business to the world. 

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