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Blame It On My Gypsy Soul

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Author | Prattyush Roy Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | eBook Pages | 136

About the Book:

Kabir has loved and lost, making him close the world around him off, but for his anchor, his best friend, Ayesha, has her story write itself - somewhat - along similar lines. Their friendship remains constant through the epic journey that shapes up their personalities and feelings. They help each other out, amidst an ocean of despair in their own lives and face it in their own way, on their own terms. This is not merely a journey of love, but a tale of how friendship helps us survive at the darkest phases of our lives.

About the Author:

Prattyush Roy is a deeply creative person. From his teenage years, he has been a lyricist, composer and loves playing his acoustic guitar. In his leisure, he enjoys writing and listening to Ed Sheeran.

At present, he is pursuing his MBA at IBS, Hyderabad. Roy is an active member of Club Maverick - the Official Marketing and Strategy Club - at the institute and cherishes his team members and seniors. Occasionally, he contributes marketing-related articles on LinkedIn.

Roy draws inspiration for his stories from his experience with the people he has encountered along his journey in life. A big part of his plots root from his realities, reflections, and reminiscence of the past. He loves to offer his readers a profound and evolving journey through his words.

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