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Black Animals Too Matter and Other Yarns

Author | Raju Ganapathy Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 978-93-92661-23-5 Pages | 84

About the Book:

This book is a satiric yarn. How else could black animals protest the partiality shown to the cows? What else could bring Sherlock and Chacha Choudhary to team up to investigate the missing jewel; or the genie in a bottle to become a symbol of the election campaign in Tamil Nadu; or the 2020 cricket tale from the Mahabharata to happen where Dhritarashtra makes a telling comment on the people of India; or the ‘Laat maaro goliko,’ a subtle commentary by Sanjaya, yet again from Mahabharata; or for that matter, the conversation with Shiva himself? Also, don’t miss out on the Velvel Vetrivel episode in Tamil Nadu.

About the Author:

Raju Ganapathy, by a stroke of luck, made it to the IIT and continued to ride his luck in completing Rural Management at IRMA, Anand, Gujarat. Now that the ‘achche din’ has come, he quit trying to rid India of her poverty. For the past few years, words have become his best friends. Some of his friends call him a wordsmith, whether his words are worth it or not. He succumbed to his whim and self-published a few titles in Kindle. He reflects on himself at StoryMirror and pens a few words now and then.

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