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Best Murder Mystery combo

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 600

The best mystery books are those with ingenious sprinklings of clues along the way that brings out the inner detective in you.

The book Buried Stories in your Dark Brains is a collection of highly imaginative, horror and crime stories. Please don't touch this book if you are happy with yourself right now because it may change your whole thought pattern. This book is not written by a writer. It is an external manifestation and expression of the dark hidden brains residing within your skulls.

The book The guilty victim is about Sandra and Ayaan. A day after Sandra files the missing complaint of her husband, Ayaan Gill is found dead. A bracelet is found along with the body. Can that bracelet lead to the murderer? While the case unfolds in an unfamiliar manner, Steve Jensen gives his best to find the murderer. Read to find out more.

A Bride, A Murder & A Trail Of Blood is about newly married bride starting her life in a modern neighborhood is spotted with bruises and wounds by almost everyone, clearly pointing to a dark case of of domestic violence. When the flat is discovered with blood spills and visible signs of violence in the house, there is an obvious possibility of a brutal attack or even a murder of the bride. Both the bride and husband Professor are missing.

Read the books and find out the mystery!

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