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Before You Get Angry : Unlock your Emotional Awareness | A Guide to Recognize, Manage and Transform Your Anger

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Author | Hemant Gupta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Ebook Pages | 268


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About the Book:

You are a kind and lovable human being but when angry, your kindness and love jump out of the window. Your loved ones avoid you and your anger may have strained your relationships.

Not anymore. Do you know that Anger is the most powerful and empowering emotion, and very few know how to harness its power?

Hemant is here to help. He shares his insights on anger, its meaning, and will help you

• Learn to reflect on your anger and its teachings.

• Improve your awareness on human behaviors.

• Techniques to transform your relationships, and much more.

Hemant shares techniques to uncover your deepest cravings, harness your anger and help you becoming a compassionate human to create a beautiful life for yourself and everyone else around you.

About the Author:


Hemant, was born into a lower-middle-class joint family in a small village in Odisha, India. He has a deep passion for engaging with people, discussing life and spirituality and is a devoted Life Coach and Mentor.

The unexpected loss of his father in 2015, stemming from a regrettable conversation fueled by anger, had a profound impact on him. It made him realize the fragility of life and how his words spoken in anger left both him and his mother in a state of despair.

"Before You Get Angry" marks his debut book, in which he unveils his insights into life and the concealed emotions that underlie every human action and behavior. He delves into the importance of recognizing and channeling the energy of anger, and preserving valuable relationships.

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