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Author | Anshu Chugh Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789360706432 Pages | 268

About the Book:

In a dystopian future on an island that has healing properties that let you live for up to 200 years, a government rule doesn't allow women to give birth to children, and all parents can do it to adopt a child. However, to adopt a child, you must first win the child's trust.  

Bianca struggles hard to win the heart of Esma, an abandoned child who lives in an orphanage.

As the community shares stories of their generational traumas at the dinner circle at the beach around a bonfire, Bianca hopes she can win the heart of the child she wishes to adopt.

Avonessia is the land without labels, where the parents are expected to be caregivers to the children who will bring about the anvil of the golden age.

Iara, the forest-wise woman, comes and assists Bianca, guiding her and then once again disappearing into the marshlands. These marshlands harbor the glowing green embers of Avon, the life-giving algae that supports healing and slows aging, creating a bio-bubble of health and longevity for the citizens of Avonessia. 

About the Author:

Anshu Chugh was born and brought up in Pune. She has been writing poetry since she was seven years of age. She is a digital marketer by profession, which has made her adept at reading patterns of algorithms. Eventually, this skill enhanced, and she could read patterns of relationships, why they work, why people falter, and the root cause of the tangent relationships people seek. She observed the world around her and understood the long-standing generational traumas people carried with them that sometimes were the cause of their sufferings. An unbalanced world and chaotic surroundings created the perfect temperature for the poet to transform into becoming an author.

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