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Astrology Simplified : Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living | Free Preview

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Author | Riddhi Bahl Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 15

About the Book:

“Astrology Simplified" offers profound insights into astrology's origins and practical benefits. The book simplifies complex concepts, addressing horoscopes, planets, and karma in easily digestible sections. It delves into astrology's historical context, including its impact on India and its leaders, while highlighting influential Indian astrologers with global recognition.

Astrology, hailed as the science of all sciences, examines how planets shape human existence. By grasping its essence, readers can navigate forthcoming challenges. While similar horoscopes don't guarantee identical futures, shared life events are rooted in past-life karma. Horoscopes provide personalized guidance for growth.

Drawing from personal experiences, Ridhi Bahl guides readers through intricate astrological terrain. She bridges traditional wisdom and modern life by discussing fate, karma, and free will. Ridhi's contemporary interpretation updates outdated principles and offers scientific insights into rituals and traditions.

About the Author:

Ridhi Bahl, a respected Astrology and Vastu expert with royal lineage, pens this authoritative book. Descending from Pandit Madhusudan Ojha, astrologer to Jaipur's former king, Ridhi boasts two decades of rigorous research. Her precise predictions garnered recognition, including a presidential honor. An 'Acharya' in Astrology and Vastu, she compliments her MBA with astrology prowess.

Ridhi excels in diverse astrology branches and resolves numerous Vastu cases. Acknowledged as Best Astrologer and Woman Excellence Achiever, she shares insights at prestigious forums, solidifying her influence. Guiding luminaries across industries, Ridhi Bahl's legacy thrives in promoting happiness and prosperity through Astrology and Vastu principles.

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11. Amazon International Link: https://mybook.to/astrology-simplified

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