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Motivational Bestselling Combo

Author | Sanjay Jogani, Mona Verma, Abha Iyengar, Bheemaraj Gaddad Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 578

Motivational Bestselling Combo

The stories in this Motivational Bestselling Combo will hit you hard, penetrating the bubbles of fictions that you hold in your mind. The books in this combo will make you meet the reality so that you understand, empathize and accept yourself and the truth around you with grace. The books are your daily dose of motivation.

A Decennium of Thoughts: 19 Inspiring Stories on Human Experiences & Learnings

Written by Sanjay Jogani, an entrepreneur, a writer & an inspirational speaker, this book is a compilation of the author’s experiences. The writer has keenly observed and decoded each of them to obtain a meaningful sense so that they can act as valuable learning for everyone.

The Other

Written by Mona Verma and Abha Iyengar, this book has stories of many ‘Others’ where no two are same, yet strung together by the oneness that unites them; their inner vacuum. This is a varied collection of fine writings from both established and fresh voices.

Until you Finish it, It's Unfinished: Don't Be The Same Shit Another Day

Written by Bheemaraj Gaddad, an MBA in Finance and an accredited Data Analyst, This book is about finding that intersection of skill, experience and happiness with monetary benefits.

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