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Ah! Glass of Strawberry Wine

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Author | Purnita Banerjee Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 43

The Love Quotes and poems presented in this collection were written with the premise that they would appeal to the common man who wants to experience the truth of love in its myriad forms. They are not to be seen as literary pieces but as observations of life that hold within them, simple wisdom and profound insights. Keeping this in mind, simplicity of language has been preserved.

Written from a woman’s perspective. the collection is varied. The reader will experience a gamut of emotions: humor, joy, sadness, the sweet pain of love, apart from intense realization that being in love would finally entail. Additionally, some of the quotes provide solace to love-locked people who are encouraged to discover self love.

The little nothings that we overlook in every day life come alive in the book as gentle reminders about looking for simple joys in the complexity that is life.

Love is the most complex emotion in the world and yet it is the most desired, craved, enjoyed, talked about, realised and ‘used’ emotion. It’s ‘use’ for destructive purposes has also been touched upon. Apart from romantic love, the quotes encompass all forms of love, creating a wholesomeness and evoking benevolent thoughts. It can also act as a solace to despairing people, who, by reading this book will feel the ‘oneness’ with humanity, thus help prevent suicides and such self-destructive tendencies.

The quotes also serve to provide the reader, specially ladies, with ready material to express herself when she is at a loss for words as I have tried to identify with the most common feelings of people in love.

It is my finding that this powerful emotion ‘Love’ has been looked upon in such a distorted manner due to society’s pre-occupatioin with material progress and desires that it’s true meaning has been lost.

The book promises pleasure for all age groups starting right from the teens.

The last pages of the book contains two poems that had been published in an international journal of English love poems.

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