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Bestselling Combo of 3 Magical Stories Books for Kids

Author | Randeep Dhillon Mand, Samad Khan, rajesh k k Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 384

Bestselling Book Combo of 3 books for Kids:

Kids tend to wander through the daily activities, don’t pay much attention to studies and regular teaching methods. Then, there come books that hit the right spot and make the children comfortable, curious and cheerful. This Bestselling Book Combo for Kids is the best summer vacation gift for growing kids.

Barefoot Souls

Written by Randeep Dhillon Mand, this book has been born out of little children’s imagination - willd & vivid. This book is full of drama, excitement, adventure, time travel, family conflicts, treasure hunts, and playfulness. The stories with such varied themes compile together in this engaging book that is sure to strike the right chord with children.

The Mystery of the Anderson Case

Written by Samad Khan, this book revolves around a crime story. The famous Private Investigator Samad Khan is called by the jackpot winner Harry Anderson who recently received a death note. He confesses to his crimes committed twenty-seven years ago and gives the name of one of his victims. Want to know what happened next?

The Magic Cup : A World of Magika Novel

Written by rajesh k k, this book is about four good friends from Bangalore who are mysteriously transported to another world called Magika. This book is a concoction of magic, conundrum, and thrill. This is a world of magic and is populated by Elves, Dwarves, Giants and other such fantastic creatures. Dive into this world.

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