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Aarti's Workbook

Author | Aarti Omprakash Mishra Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 978-93-91116-71-2 Pages | 36

About Book: 

“Known to Unknown method” and “Trial and error method” is helps every child to learn each and every concepts.. Child will always try to do all of the easy worksheets first, then they

will try for difficult one.In this way Children will learn to solve worksheets by themselves.This book is made for 3 to 6 years children so that after solving this worksheets children learn to

concentrate on what they do for longer periods and busy in positive way. Children’s short term and long term memory will improve. Child will understand the different concepts of solving worksheets.By engaging kids in brain teasers, will help to enhance various critical skill-sets like critical thinking, problemsolving, and creativity.Logic skills can be easily strengthened of a child with daily practice. When they solve these exercises regularly. In addition to solving the overall problem, parents can set time how long it takes to solve the problem by their child. You can time each of the smaller puzzles so that the child can

see how much they have improved and where they still need work. You can even turn it into a competition, so that children can see how they measure up to others in the class. If it is a

competition, make sure that it stays on friendly terms by giving out stars,smiley, Good Remarks by which children will feel happy and want to solve it again and again.

About the Author:

Aarti Omprakash Mishra is a teacher at Santacruz, Mumbai since six years teaching in Primary section.

She has also taught Pre-Primary section students for almost one 5 years. She is passionate towards her profession and always taught children in Play-way method.

She has graduated from JDC Bytco College of Arts, Nashik and completed her Diploma in Education from Pallavi D.ed college, Nagpur. .

She has been honoured with several outstanding professional merits in the form of National Educators.

Award - Shikshak Gaurav Award 2018 by CED Foundation Delhi at National Science Centre, Near Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 4th November, 2018.

She was also nominated for “Teacher’s Educator Award” for Mehesana Educator’s Award, Gujarat,

“Chanakya Award” by Fun2Learn.

She also likes to write articles, stories, poems in Marathi and Hindi. She is a published writer and poetess on Story Mirror and momspresso.

You can read them on their websites. Her works are even published in the newspapers.

After working in Educational field since many years, she has found that children like to solve colourful worksheets and even parents want worksheets which help to boost child’s brain and confidence.

She guarantees that this book will definitely bring lots of confidence in your child and ability to solve questions through play - way method. 

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