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The 2020: A Miraculous Year | An Inspiring Tale of Courage and Hope | Pre Order

Author | Devashi Dev Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789360705473 Pages | 126

About the Book:

The book 2020 is a captivating read that will amaze you with its storyline, as it is based on the true-life story of an author who faced the worst situations in his life even death and how he managed to escape them. The book itself encompasses every human emotion - love, romance, suspense, thriller, and magic. As you delve into its pages, you will find yourself immersed in the story of a young boy, resonating with every teenager out there. Moreover, it touches upon the spiritual side of the universe, depicting how a boy discovers some great secrets that changed his life in 2020, the year of the pandemic. This is why 2020 is hailed as a miraculous year.

About the Author:

The author of this book is Devashi Dev, a 26-year-old man who lives in Varanasi. He has faced various challenges in his life, including falling into several addictions and toxic relationships. However, the year 2020 changed his entire life, and he managed to break free from these addictions. He has also faced life-threatening situations but refused to give up, ultimately surviving and now living a life of peace. His passion is to become a writer, and he has found his life's purpose. Consequently, he is now at peace, striving to achieve his dreams, and working as a content writer. All of this occurred in 2020, the year that changed everything for him.

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