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How to Profit from Your Obstacles, Hard Times and Failures


Ucheka Anofienem
Skill Development Information System Ltd.

About The Book

Beyond the pains, tears, tedium, hassles, and frustration, does obstacles serve any other purpose in a man’s life? The basic truth is that beyond the emotional distress, obstacles and problems serve some very useful purpose in our lives and accomplishments. Obstacles serve to enrich our mental experience to build

resilience, endurance and inner strength. Every time you face a problem and faze it out, you have defeated a mental huddle. The challenge we face is in developing the right attitude, and fortitude to stretch, resist and stay put till the storm is over. However, wisdom in all these will show us when to quit and get out from a dead horse. There are times when it becomes necessary for winners to quit. Dead horse can’t take you nowhere.

Every realistic person already knows he is going to face failures, challenges and many huddles, including tragedies and disasters. Nerve wracking barriers of all types are common to life, cruel setbacks that test your resolves and derail your goals are common to life. There are debilitating losses that cause monumental

waste of time, resources and energy. All are common to life. The important thing is that you must be ready to persevere, resist, and weather all these storms and win against the odds.

Most notable winners in life have that never-say-die spirit. It enables them to go through heart-breaking experience and stick-with-it till they win. Those who truly want to live never cower before their obstacles, or allow their challenges to dominate them. Rather, they walk boldly through them. People with winning

mentality see obstacles as part of life’s lessons that have experience that can only lift them up in ways they may not see at the moment. It’s important to note that there can be no growth without some form of obstacles and challenges. They are the test of life. The size of a man’s accomplishments is to an extent determined by the amount of problems he solved and challenges he overcome. That’s why successful people see opportunities in problems. They know that great pains go before great gains, and that hidden in every obstacle are helpful opportunities. And that’s what should encourage us to push past the limitations posed by obstacles in our lives. Sincerely, adversities come to strengthen and help us grow. Your progress in life depend upon what you make of the challenges and obstacles you encounter. Why then are people destroyed by the troubles they go through? It is not a good thing to pray for a problem free life. What that means is that you will never grow.

The key to success in any field of life is the ability to withstand obstacles and solve problems. Life is full of challenges. Sometimes life-threatening and destructive troubles are hard to bear. But you will not remain the same person or remain at the same level or frame of mind you were if you are able to tackle and come out of the troubles. The book arms you with strategies to take advantage of the challenges you face to grow and advance your result and accomplishments.

Having personally experienced too many troubles, the author is rightly qualified to guide and counsel you on this thorny topic. Particularly where you choose to enlist the help and understanding of God’s word. The book makes you understand that sometimes, even calamity works for our own good. Find out how and why. Buy the book now please!

About The Author

Ucheka Anofienem- Director, Skill Development Information System Ltd. helps business owners and organizations to expand their capacity to make money by using overlooked marketing and leveraging strategies. An Idea Creator; Breakthrough Thinker; Human Capital; and Business Development consultant.

A highly sought-after value-oriented business development strategist, an innovative marketer and impactful career trainer. Ucheka is skilled in knowledge and information transfer, and a delight as keynote speaker in seminars, conference and workshops. He is an excellent teacher that gives much more

value for money paid. He helps those that need concrete money-spinning, and cost-saving ideas to move their business to higher levels.

Since 1998, he has worked to create capacity building value for organizations and clients. Ucheka is a Document Development Specialist, Research Writer, Business Coach, and Author with over fifty published works. His first degree is in English and Literature, Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the Universities of Benin and Jos respectively. Contact: 234 (0) 8164746117, Email: ucheka1968@gmail.com

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