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Nirmala (Pre Order)


Tuna Biswal
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About The Book

Every woman wants a dream husband and angel like children. Life continues normally for her until the moment of self-discovery.

Nirmala depicts the journey of a teacher-turned-painter in search for true love and blissful motherhood. She is traditionally married to an ambitious banker and becomes the centre of the Pradhan family's happiness. Yet, true happiness eludes her. Life takes a dramatic turn when she gives birth to a still-born baby but the mother in her continues to live. At the hour of her dire need for emotional support, Manish doesn't have time for her. To him, family is second to career. Her passion for painting gives her solace in her agonies as a mother. Her encounter with a needy woman having an infant, helps her find meaning in life. She is abandoned by her husband when he discovers her relationship with the infant. Her new relationship entangles her with an organ trafficking operation. Her father-in-law, a retired Judge, stands with her in her tribulations and helps her to discover the true woman in her. In the process of seeking love, Nirmala finds the true meaning of life by experiencing motherhood.

The unexpected end redefines human relations, giving it newer dimensions and fresh perspectives.

About The Author

Born and brought up in Odisha, India, Tuna Biswal has inherited an unsettling world from his evacuee parents of the Hirakud Dam, Odisha. He pursued his M.Phil. in English literature from the Utkal University and his MDPs in Leadership at IIM, SBP and IIT, KGP.

As Principal of a CBSE school, he grooms young minds. He writes poems, stories and papers for leading national and international portals. He lives in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh with his wife, Dr. Deepti Gupta, a physician.

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