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Nigerian Mentality: How to Be Careful with Nigerians


Ucheka Anofienem
Skill Development Information System Ltd.

About The Book

A Nigerian is either a goldmine or a nightmare. Those that stand in-between are few. You can’t ignore Nigerians, no matter what you do or where you live. They are the most hardworking people on earth, daring achievers and extremely resourceful. At the same time, they are the worst crooks and ruthless criminals

you will ever find anywhere on earth. This book is an opportunity to for you to know the good and evil about the Nigerian people.

Nigeria is an intractable phenomenon. This book takes you by the hand and gossips everything there is to know about these people called Nigerians. It says everything nobody will be happy to tell you about his own kit and kin. Read this book if you want to know the real trouble with Nigeria, and the very reasons

why this sleeping giant that has not been able to get itself together to be where it ought to be.

It is rare to find anyone not to have been hurt by a Nigerian. Just as you find many people who thank their start to have connected them to a Nigerian. They are wonderful when you encounter the great ones. But you can be ruined if you are ignorant about Nigerians. You must know what to expect before you meet one. The book x-rays the nuances of this curious spectacle called Nigeria. It is a no-hold bare analysis of what Nigeria and Nigerians really are. It talks about the good, the best and the very bizarre without mincing words. It pours the horror as well as the marvel out the way they really are. Reading this work will tell you

those things you’ve never heard before even if you have lived your entire life in Nigeria.

The author having lived all his life in Nigeria and travelled wide is not afraid to state the truth (both great and bizarre) about his country and its people to guide the world to get the best from them, and beware when there is need to be careful. Buy the book and you will be awed! If you have the guts to go through this entire book, you will come to either admire Nigerians or hate them with passion. This will be your sweetest or most horrible experience knowing who Nigerians really are!

About The Author

Ucheka Anofienem- Director, Skill Development Information System Ltd. helps business owners and organizations to expand their capacity to make money by using overlooked marketing and leveraging strategies. An Idea Creator; Breakthrough Thinker; Human Capital; and Business Development consultant.

A highly sought-after value-oriented business development strategist, an innovative marketer and impactful career trainer. Ucheka is skilled in knowledge and information transfer, and a delight as keynote speaker in seminars, conference and workshops. He is an excellent teacher that gives much more

value for money paid. He helps those that need concrete money-spinning, and cost-saving ideas to move their business to higher levels.

Since 1998, he has worked to create capacity building value for organizations and clients. Ucheka is a Document Development Specialist, Research Writer, Business Coach, and Author with over fifty published works. His first degree is in English and Literature, Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the Universities of Benin and Jos respectively. Contact: 234 (0) 8164746117, Email: ucheka1968@gmail.com

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