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Bestselling Combo of 3 Books of Exceptional Tales & Inspiration

Author | Chattanathan.D Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 590

D. Chattanathan who has been writing since childhood is a graduate in agriculture with a post graduate diploma in Public Relations and Journalism. The author has written books in simple language and with great depth so as to reach the hearts of many people. This combo has his best books listed and you can get it today for you and your beloved.


This book is an amalgamation of three decades of rich corporate experience translated into nuggets of wisdom. The author shares his various emotional and professional experiences in the form of short stories with real-life examples. The author is a keen observer and fast learner, and writing articles, stories and poems are his favorite pass time.

My Rides with Sahib

Relationships are like a bicycle. One needs to maintain the balance of the two wheels. Similarly, blood relations and the bonds of heart cannot be differentiated, as affection is the most important thing in every relation. 'My Rides With Sahib' depicts such a magnificent bond between Sahib and Sheetal.

Anjanamma : Igniting Aspirations

Written by Chattanathan D, this story is set in Kasapuram, a village in Andhra Pradesh. The fiction follows the lives of Anjanamma and Nathan. It is a story of love and passion, desire and loss, robots and humans, and their intertwined destinies. An account of the past and the future, transiting from the ethnicity of a village to modern urban India, Anjanamma is the story of possibilities, kindling aspirations for the rural girl.

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