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In Four Billion Years: Chronicles of Love, Crafted for Eternity

Author | Harsha Agrawal Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789360708047 Pages | 120

About the Book:

A collection of 50 poems that feels like a nosedive into an ocean of all kinds of love - lived, unrequited, spiritual, sensual, romantic familial, and self (or the lack of it).

There are poems that speak of a love so stubborn that it tricks death to reunite with a lover in the most myriad ways. There are poems that depict the complete surrender of a lover. In some poems, the divine and the sensuous are merged with such sincere conviction it makes you forget where love ends and God begins. There are poems that depict the mundanity of familiar love and those that depict the magnetic pull of forbidden love.

The poems are an unapologetic and unabashed expression of love that is simultaneously raw and gentle; selfish and magnanimous; fleeting and timeless.

About the Author:

Harsha is a Spoken Word Poet & Storyteller who has a rare fluency in both English and Hindustani. With poems featured on Unerase Poetry, Spill Poetry, Kommune and Spoken Fest, she has made a mark in just 3 years. Winner of a nation-wide poetry contest, she has written and performed for relevant societal causes in prestigious venues like the Indian Habitat Center and Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Amidst this vibrant poetic journey, Harsha manages a full-time role as the Marketing and Communications Director in her international family business of Collins Kitchens & Wardrobes and the most cherished job of raising her 5-year-old along with her husband in the city of Mumbai.

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