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Creative Ideas to Attract All the Customers from Your Competitors: 200 Ways to Make Customers Start Calling You Right Now!


Ucheka Anofienem
Skill Development Information System Ltd.

About The Book

To achieve a customer-getting competitive advantage in your overcrowded niche and industries, you need to be on top of your game in doing the unusual. Business is all about competitive customer displacement. All business growth

requires winning the market share from your competitors. As you work to beat them to the game, so they work to outsmart and displace you too. Your win is someone else’s loss. Valuable legitimate strategies you can use to seduce and lure the client to your business place and treat him or her like a queen are what you will learn from this book.

What value does he stand to gain from you that he can’t easily find elsewhere? What concerns does he have and how are you going to address this to create happy and satisfactory experience for him? In the era we live, the customer is not just the most important element in your business, he holds all the cards as well. It’s the customers’ world! So business owners must aspire to have a better understanding of their customers’ and clients specific perspectives. If you are armed with better information you will be able to target better, make wiser decisions, gain better reach and propose unique irresistible values for them.

Customers are seduced when you give them greater value than your competitors. You need uncommon ideas and approach to identify what these value drivers are among your different customers. You need to know how to navigate price pushback and commodity traps from your competitors. How do you win the sales without lowering your price like your competitors are doing? Value is the answer. There are techniques to customise your value message to catch the interest of your target market audience. The ideas in this book can help you build a customer acquisition system that can skyrocket your business growth and sustainability.

The author has distilled hands-on experience, research, consulting and coaching experience of industrial experts to compile the information in this book. You will find tactical ideas, strategic thinking and practical applications that can cheaply afford you the luxury of getting into the head, mind and wallets of your customers to influence their buying decisions to your advantage. You will find tons of breakthrough ideas right here, irrespective of the niche, business category, profession or industry you operate in.

This book is for you if you want to improve your marketing with little or no money. Look, business is sweeter if the customers are the one calling, running after you to buy than when you are the one calling them. You need to know

the special ways to serve them better. You need to know the changes you can create to have sporadic impact on your sales and financial bottom-line. Just doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way to exceed customer’s expectation is

what revolutionise businesses.

What you will find is the creative ways to do simple things for your customer to endear you to their heart. You will lose market if you don’t realize the emotional component of customer’s connection with products or your services. You just have to be genuinely and sincerely nice and loving to your customers. Apply all the techniques in the world, if you fail to implement this love-relation strategy you will achieve limited result. The author understands the creative aspect of getting customers, and you can avail yourself of the information in this book. Press the buy button and get the book.

About The Author

Ucheka Anofienem- Director, Skill Development Information System Ltd. helps business owners and organisations to expand their capacity to make money by using overlooked marketing and leveraging strategies. An Idea Creator; Breakthrough Thinker; Human Capital; and Business Development

consultant. A highly sought-after value-oriented business development strategist, an innovative marketer and impactful career trainer. Ucheka is skilled in knowledge and information transfer, and a delight as keynote speaker in seminars, conference and workshops. He is an excellent teacher that gives much more value for money paid. He helps those that need concrete money-spinning, and cost-saving ideas to move their business to higher levels.

Since 1998, he has worked to create capacity building value for organisations and clients. Ucheka is a Document Development Specialist, Research Writer, Business Coach, and Author with over fifty published works. His first degree is in English and Literature, Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the Universities of Benin and Jos respectively. Contact: 234 (0) 8164746117, Email:ucheka1968@gmail.com

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