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Christian Pilgrims' Guide to Holy Land: How to Safely Navigate Your Way in Israel and Totally Enjoy Your Journey While There


Ucheka Anofienem
Skill Development Information System Ltd.

About The Book

Why will you travel on pilgrimage and run into problems? Most people do not only offend the law and customs of the locals, they equally encounter inconveniences by failing to pack the essentials that make their journey and visits across Israel a pleasure trip. This is a detailed book on information and awareness of where to go, where to visit, and how to behave in the various cities and locations of tourist interest as a pilgrim.

Sincerely, most visits to Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territories are trouble-free. There are minimal incidents of violence, crime or hostility. Crime is generally not a major concern and still at the lowest level.

However, this book compiles vital information that helps intending pilgrims to prepare adequately, stating what to expect, how best to conduct himself or herself to make the pilgrimage most impactful and pleasurably fulfilling. The work contains recommendations that can protect and guide potential pilgrims to safety and ensure he or she enjoys the full benefit that visit to Holy Land offers.

Tours and travels, including pilgrimage is a pleasure if you are fully acquainted with the details of the various localities. With the down-to-earth nature of this guide book, you will feel like you are already in the Holy Land enjoying the treasure and pleasures of the sceneries, antiquities and memorable sites. Being

well-informed also guarantees you will enjoy a hitch free, stress free and trouble-free trip.

It is all encompassing pack of information, including all the security, cultural and social consciousness you should have as a visitor to Israel. You will enjoy reading the material. Please, look right up and buy the book now!

About The Author

Ucheka Anofienem- Director, Skill Development Information System Ltd. helps business owners and organizations to expand their capacity to make money by using overlooked marketing and leveraging strategies. An Idea Creator; Breakthrough Thinker; Human Capital; and Business Development


A highly sought-after value-oriented business development strategist, an innovative marketer and impactful career trainer. Ucheka is skilled in knowledge and information transfer, and a delight as keynote speaker in seminars, conference and workshops. He is an excellent teacher that gives much more

value for money paid. He helps those that need concrete money-spinning, and cost-saving ideas to move their business to higher levels.

Since 1998, he has worked to create capacity building value for organizations and clients. Ucheka is a Document Development Specialist, Research Writer, Business Coach, and Author with over fifty published works. His first degree is in English and Literature, Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the Universities of Benin and Jos respectively. Contact: 234 (0) 8164746117, Email: ucheka1968@gmail.com

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