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Aur Bhi Shubh Din

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Author | Dr. Sachin Jhawar Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Ebook Pages | 184

About the book :

Life brings different challenges every day, but each day holds the potential to be great. “Aur Bhi Shubh Din” is an inspiring guide and a sequel by Dr Sachin Jhawar in making the most of every moment, tailored to people from all walks of life—whether you are stepping into your prime, enjoying your golden years, or anywhere in between. This book offers practical advice and uplifting stories that resonate with everyone. It provides tools and techniques for transforming ordinary days into extraordinary experiences. Rediscover the joy in the mundane and learn to cultivate happiness, even on the toughest days. 

Because everyone deserves not just a good day, but even more good days.

About the author :

Dr. Sachin Jhawar, born in Delhi in 1972, is a healthcare entrepreneur dedicated to excellence. His journey, from Delhi to Jaipur, focuses on expanding the Apex Institute network while ensuring top-quality health services. Recognized by Fortune companies for leadership training, he received the Young Entrepreneur Award from IMA Jaipur (2015) and a Rajasthan Government award for COVID-19 efforts. His interests include sports and reading. In 2022, he and his association received the Celebrity Guest Award. Further recognition came in 2023 with the PJC Orientation Award from SMS Medical College. With an extensive educational background, including degrees from various countries, he consults for the National University of Singapore. Family-wise, his wife, Dr. Sheenu, and son Siddhant, along with his brother, Dr. Shailesh, contribute significantly to Apex Institute. 

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