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How You Attract What Happens in Your Life: The Exact Words of Those that Know Precisely


Ucheka Anofienem
Skill Development Information System Ltd.

About The Book

However this book find its way into your hands, you have found rare gems of life’s greatest laws and wisdom. If you dare read thoroughly, take time to think through, meditate on each and every one of the quotes, I bet your awareness, consciousness, education, experience, perception and knowledge about life will richly change your destiny forever.

You directly created the life experience and all the circumstances you live in right now. Whether good or bad, they are your making. Our greatest suffering in life comes from our major ignorance. All truths have been revealed, it’s only we do not know about them, so we bear the consequences of our unawareness.

People find it difficult to agree with this, but the information compiled in this book will open up your understanding to see where you had been missing it.

How will you feel to live consciously? What difference will it make if you develop the discipline to deliberately choose your thought, your feelings, beliefs, and begin to control what happens in your life?

Don’t let life happen to you, determine what happens in your life by ruling your mind. This compilation of Law of Attraction quotes is distilled from the greatest apostles of the philosophy from time immemorial, including the Bible. It is life’s timeless truth of which 99% of people knows nothing about. You are favored to come about this information. You can profit the greatest by reading them carefully, paying utmost attention and gently meditating on the richness of the lessons they contain. The fate of our lives and existence lie mainly in our own hands- and many folks do not know this.

About The Author

Ucheka Anofienem- Director, Skill Development Information System Ltd. helps business owners and organizations to expand their capacity to make money by using overlooked marketing and leveraging strategies. An Idea Creator; Breakthrough Thinker; Human Capital; and Business Development consultant.

A highly sought-after value-oriented business development strategist, an innovative marketer and impactful career trainer. Ucheka is skilled in knowledge and information transfer, and a delight as keynote speaker in seminars, conference and workshops. He is an excellent teacher that gives much more

value for money paid. He helps those that need concrete money-spinning, and cost-saving ideas to move their business to higher levels.

Since 1998, he has worked to create capacity building value for organizations and clients. Ucheka is a Document Development Specialist, Research Writer, Business Coach, and Author with over fifty published works. His first degree is in English and Literature, Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the Universities of Benin and Jos respectively. Contact: 234 (0) 8164746117, Email: ucheka1968@gmail.com

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