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30 Minutes a Day to Immunity and Health: Everyday Practices for Lasting Fitness

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Author | Madhavi Subramanian Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 122

About the Book:

Immunity is not just about vaccines, and health doesn't need to be compromised in the pursuit of worldly achievements.

Assume control of your own wellbeing, so that your health doesn’t act as a barrier, rather it propels you towards excellence in all facets of life.

Recognising your uniqueness, this book crafts individualised 30 minute regimens to fortify your health.

Whether you are a globe trotting professional or persistent home maker; student or a senior citizen; you sit most of the day or speak most of the day; a yoga trainer or a practitioner; wherever you may be along your health journey, this book is for you.

“30 minutes a day to immunity and health” is a treasure trove of customised Yoga techniques complemented by scholarly advice on natural living and diet. Unleash the power within.

About the Author:

An international Yoga Gold medalist, topper in professional courses in the Indian Navy and Indian Airforce, podium finisher in Half marathons, stood first in her Yoga courses.

Madhavi's journey, from Commander in the Indian Navy, to Sales and Business Development in the corporate, to the World of wellness, spans over 30 years through the path of accomplishments in both physical and mental realms.

An individual who pursues excellence relentlessly, she empathises with the challenges people face in today's time-crunched world. Recognising the need for personalised wellness solutions, she has ingeniously incorporated specific techniques, richly drawn from Yoga, integrating Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Diet, touching upon modern methods. All of this to strategically boost healthy living, while catering to the professional demands of today’s world.

This book encapsulates her wealth of experience, offering a transformative approach to well-being.

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