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You Are a Gift- A Travel Journey | Coffee Table Book

Author | Meheck Mukherjee Publisher | Meheck Mukherjee ISBN | 9789356276086 Pages | 76

Rs. 2700

About the Book:

A Book - A GIFT - that acknowledges the gift you are to the world. Your presence, your simply being alive and all that you do for all around you is cherished by all. A Book that talks to you through its beautiful off beat photography; that inspires you to smile, laugh and be joyful through its caring and touching poetry. A coffee table book that you can gift to anyone who you love and care for, to anyone you wish to say THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE. Friends, family, siblings, colleagues, bosses and of course your neighbours too would love to receive this beautiful gift. 

The photography in this book is rare from the less visited parts of the world. It varies from nature, to places of interest and emotions long forgotten. Simple joys of life shown beautifully in the people, flora, and surroundings that have been captured. This book is a communion of Raj's photography and Meheck's verses. YOU ARE A GIFT! Is Alive, It talks to you! Each line photograph and page of the book, brings to life emotions and feelings that are hidden deep within. It is an experience in itself. And everyone who reads it will relate to most of the emotional journeys, if not all of them.

Coffee table books are conversation starters. This book sits on your mantelpiece, coffee tables, studies or even car decks and displays your taste with subtleness. Virtues of gratitude and kindness and unconditional love emanate from the book touching hearts of all who see it, pick it, read it. 

An old saying goes - YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ! This book - a first of its kind - a trendsetter in self empowerment allows you to change the world one person at a time. It brings smiles and spreads cheer. Anytime someone even holds the book and reads the title, he feels better about themselves. He feels empowered to live life at the fullest again. The verses and photography have the power to transform sadness into joy, bringing out suppressed emotions and feeling better right away. 

This amazing coffee table book comes hardbound in matt finish high quality print that has a high shelf life. The book has a printed jacket cover and also a plain white box cover ready to be gifted. The plain white box is created to set the playground - it relaxes the mind and the eyes that are tired from the stressful routine of life. As one unboxes, the gift of tulips and the title of the book 'YOU ARE A GIFT' lights up the receiver and brightens up his day.

The pictures and the verses inside relax and heal and spread love.

About the Author:

Meheck and Rajesh Mukherjee - came together for a short span to enrich each others lives and create this beautiful gift to the world. YOU ARE A GIFT - A book that talks to you. This book is a communion of Raj's photography and Meheck's verses. 

Rajesh Mukherjee was an IT subject matter expert and an avid photographer. He travelled around the world - more than 100 countries in his short span of life, clicking away on his DSLR. He visited less known places and captured offbeat photos. Amongst being an ace photographer, film producer, music lover, avid reader, and religion expert, he was one of the kindest people. He empowered people with his presence, his intellectual knowledge and his guidance. While working with the dry area of software infrastructure, his job demanded him to visit parts of the world lesser seen. A benevolent capitalist and a humanitarian, his love for the arts never took a back seat. A natural at photography, this book cherishes some of his fondest ones.

They bring out the essence in the writings of Meheck - An Author, Consciousness Coach, Parenting Guru, Relationships Coach and a keen traveller. Meheck's work with people across cultures, age and gender led her to a strong knowing of human behaviour, which is evident in her writings.

This book created with passion, invites one to introspect and rise above ones limitations and fears. And be willing to live a life of hope, choice, abundance and glory. This book was designed and curated by him in his last year and published after his departure.

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