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Treacherous Desires


Kritika Sharma
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

They say everything has an expiration date. Kaya didn’t know her marriage had one too. Suffering silently in her marriage she finds herself attracted to a stranger. Things get worse as he, too, feels the same way.

His smile wreaks havoc and touch causes chaos. Kaya doesn’t know what to do, as her ‘treacherous desires’ take hold. However there is an invisible barrier of ‘marriage’ that Kaya cannot break. Torn between her failing marriage and the man who is irresistible, Kaya now has the hardest choice to make.

Whom will she choose? Will she be able to reignite the spark in her marriage or will she initiate a completely new relationship?

Find out more in this roller coaster ride of love, seduction, desires, passion and epic romance – which neither lets you ignore nor lets you endure.

About the Author:

Kritika Sharma is an author, blogger and Senior Manager in Nielsen, India. She is a woman of passion and spirit who believes in possibilities and loves to challenge her own limits by learning something new every day. She has been writing ever since she held a pencil. Writing refreshes her and energizes her.

Treacherous Desires is her fourth book. Previously she has traditionally published three books under her name, ‘Manage your Manager’ (2013), ‘Live-in with a Ghost’ (2015), and ‘AbstracTales’ (2017).

She has also participated in three anthologies, ‘The Master Stroke’ by Write India (2016), ‘The Scribbled Tales’ by Moments Publishers (2016), and ‘Life as it happens’ (2016).

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