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India's Misfit Mystic: An Insider Journey into Osho's Life | Unveiling the Life Story of a Spiritual Maverick

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Author | Subhuti Anand Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Ebook Pages | 376

About the Book:

Osho is a provocative figure. He was controversial during his lifetime, he is now, and he always will be. It is fortunate that it is so, because if you read this book and understand Osho’s life, you will be forced to question all your ideas about religion, spirituality and meditation. Most of all, you will be forced to question yourself. This is the gift of this book, written by an insider who lived with Osho for 14 years, as part of his commune, riding the intense whirlwind of the mystic’s vision.

About the Author:

Subhuti was a career journalist who worked as a political reporter in the British Houses of Parliament. In 1976, he travelled to India to meet Osho, then known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in his ashram in Pune. He became initiated as his disciple and immediately began to have mystical experiences, which he attributed to the ashram’s powerful energy field. For 14 years, he lived and worked in Osho’s communes, first in Pune and later at Rancho Rajneesh in Oregon, USA. He stayed with Osho until the mystic died in January 1990. Since then, Subhuti has worked as an author and freelance journalist, dividing his time between the UK, Europe and India.

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