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How to write a non fiction book combo

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 700

Non fiction books are about facts and real incidents.

Writing is one of the most powerful forms of communication, using a range from personal exercises in catharsis to posterity and record keeping, recreation, and, of course, for publication and profit. For many, writing satisfies several of these needs. Buy the book A Book Inside You? And write a book.

The book It's Not How, It's Why? draws on simple personal experiences to stimulate and strengthen an individual’s desire to be successful and develop a greater sense of inner confidence and worth. This is a clear, down-to-earth book filled with 9 interesting reasons to tap the unseen potentials of an individual who is longing to achieve prosperity in all aspects of life.

The book New York to NEW YOU: THE 31/7 ODYSSEY is all about you and your Odyssey within. Two men from opposite sides of the world are brought together by a moment of serendipity. James, an investment banker and the darling of Wall Street in New York meets a Guru, the Life Transformer in India. And there is a mysterious character, RK, who has a mysterious link with both these characters.

Read the books and know the facts!

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