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Cool Daddy Cool Mommy : Rekindle The Bond With Your Children

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Author | Meheck Mukherjee Publisher | Meheck Mukherjee ISBN | ebook Pages | 20

About the Book:

This playbook attempts to kindle the tiny spark in you to acknowledge the consciousness which you truly are, the oneness with your children without any judgement. Oneness that allows you to bond with them from a space of consciousness without any projections and expectations. Oneness that allows you to connect with them beyond barriers of age, gender and relationship. 

Our children are our true mirrors, showing us our dark spots, inviting us to a greater consciousness. 

The activities in this book are designed to bring more consciousness to you and to your children as well, while you play with them. Playing or engaging with each other opens up a space of receiving each other’s ideas and awareness about various areas of life. You can play with any age group and it will be fun every time you repeat these activities. What is required, is being a sport! 

About the Author:

Meheck Mukherjee, an Author, Transformation Coach, Founder of AIKYA - The Oneness Program, Children and Relationships Counsellor. She has written two books on Conscious Parenting and a Coffee Table Book which is a compilation of Empowering Poetry and Travel Photography. She graduated as a Biomedical Engineer with a Honors Degree from the University of Mumbai. She excelled at school, college and university, be it the Arts, Literature, Sanskrit, Mathematics or Sciences as well as at Dance and the performing arts.

Meheck has come a long way in the journey of her life from being a perfectionist, extremely logical and practical person to being pragmatic and a fully aware energy worker. She was born in an affluent business family with strong value systems and an orthodox mindset. As she carved her way from the conventional education and career path to a completely radical energetic one, she had one flame burning all along; her Passion. She gave up her decade long status as a Professor in Quantitative Statistics and Research at Business Schools to choose Counselling and transforming peoples’ lives.

She has facilitated great transformations in single or divorced women, empowering them to pursue more choices and acknowledging themselves; teenagers and youngsters who had fallen prey to various addictions, alcohol, smoke, drugs or gaming and bringing the zest for real life back in them, bringing them abreast with more possibilities and multiple career options; special children - autistic, ADHD, ADD, OCD,

being the catalyst in making their parents and them aware of their special potencies and facilitating them to create lives beyond what they could imagine; individuals who have given up on life and are depressed, motivating them and facilitating them to transform their personal, professional, mental and physical health.

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