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Conversation of Sai Baba with Aushim Khetarpal

Urmil Satya Bhushan
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About the Book:

Conversation of Sai Baba with Aushim Khetarpal is a metaphysical interaction between Sai and his devotee in the form of verse that illustrates the glory and spirituality of Sai Baba. This work aspires to reach out to the masses and enlighten them towards His spiritual energy and grand persona.

The counsels and preaching of Sai Baba inspire people which, assisted by his blessing, culminates into righteous and kind acts. This book influences the perspective of the readers and boosts their optimism. It guides the readers towards greater self-control and a kind attitude so that they may lead a healthy and stress-free life.

This book is a fruit of His will and mercy. Sai Baba inspires and encourages all the beings in this world to act and live. He is the one who inspires us and helps in realization of our dreams. He is the one who turns the thought into being. Sai Baba can see beyond the realms of our imagination. He is the sole muse who transforms our thoughts into actions and brings to life a work that is new and soulful.

About the Author:

Urmil Satya Bhushan born in Punjab is a renowned poetess, author, dramatist and social artist. She has seen much pain at an impressionable age and she started writing at the age of 13 and is still deep into penning her experience with apt expression through various mediums at 73 years.

She is the founder president of parichay sahitya parisad – a Delhi based literary organization. She is a member of various literary and social groups and actively participates in radio and TV programs.

She has more than 40 books to her credit including Sai Samvad. She has been awarded and felicitated by many organisations and institutions. Presently, she is working on lullabys and her book in Punjabi.

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