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Can Spring be far behind? by Shelly Gupta

Based in the hustle bustle of Mumbai, 'Can Spring Be Far Behind' revolves around Chris D’Souza, a 14..

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Kuhase Ke Geet by Shashidhar Sharma

About The Book:“कुहासे के गीत” आध्यात्मिक उपन्यासों की श्रृंखला “द मॉंक की सीरीज” के पहले मूल अंग्रे..

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Lost-The Capture by Aksharaa Agarwal

The book is a complete world of mystery and crime-solving itself. Lucy, the protagonist, wa..

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Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond by Dr. Amit Nagpal & Dr. Prakash Hindustani

When it is the work of two great minds, the story only comes out to be fantabulous! The new book – “..

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Rang Badalta by Subhash Neerav

'Rang Badalta Mausam' is a collection of short stories. These short stories are based on the condi..

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The Freedom of Being Human by Rabjot Singh Isher

Coming from deep individual experience and riding on the success of their diametrically opposite id..

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A Colonel Destined to Lead by Aditya Bhushan

About the book:A Colonel Destined to Lead is the fascinating story of Indian cricket’s first superst..

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A fistful of Salt by Vidya Subramaniam

About  Book“The participation of the South, especially Tamilnadu, in the Freedom Movement and a..

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Ananta Shesha Naga: Rise of Demon Prince by Sanjeev Sharma

About the Book: The concealed secret of mighty powers of Nagas and the protocol of treaty among Dew..

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Ananya by Sandeep Singh

About The Book: Ananya is a story of young lad Vistaar Bhardwaj and the changing colors of his life..

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And to Live Again by Suraj Deo

About The Book:Do you believe in Destiny? This is the true story of a Sailor (A marine engineer) – A..

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Ane, Of the Record by Bhavya Rawal

About the book:આ નવલકથામાં રહસ્ય અને રોમાંચક પ્રસંગોના ઉતાર ચઢાવનું રસપ્રદ આલેખન છે. યુવાન લેખક ભવ્ય..

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Are You The Leader You Want To Be ? by Manbir Kaur & Kathy Mitchell

About The Book:This book is a wonderful addition to the ‘leadership genre’, and addresses a void in ..

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Chakravyuh by Jitendra Attra

About The Book:Arjun Sud a 42-year-old Chartered Accountant lives a stressful corporate life working..

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Cocktail by Aman Jakhar

About the Book:Cocktail is a very catchy book with several stories encompassing a mélange of emotion..

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