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A Bride, A Murder And A Trail Of Blood by Laxmi Natraj

About The Book:Blood spill, smudged blood marks all over the apartment! The young bride Diya, b..

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Ananta Shesha Naga: Rise of Demon Prince by Sanjeev Sharma

About the Book: The concealed secret of mighty powers of Nagas and the protocol of treaty among Dew..

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Breathing- The Wisdom Of Life by Sw. Amano Moksha

About The Book:The human life is a passage, a growth towards a flowering reaching the pinnacle of th..

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Cocktail by Aman Jakhar

About the Book:Cocktail is a very catchy book with several stories encompassing a mélange of emotion..

₹185 ₹185 Ex Tax: ₹185

Feathers & Fire by Pakhi Dixit

About the Book: An epic tale of sorrow, love, death and inevitable fate. The novel gives you a ta..

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Golmaal In Goa by Oswald Pereira

About the Book: The name Chris Brown spells ‘golmaal’ or deception! Who is Chris Brown really? Is h..

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Inverted by Arvind Bhandari

About The Book: So you think you are the person in the mirror. That time should be put to use savag..

₹350 Ex Tax: ₹350

It's not how, It's why? by Ranjit Samal

About the Book “Be a reason for your success.” We all think to earn a lot of money, a large house ..

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Not my type of stranger by Prachi Gupta

About the Book:Lakshya is living the playboy life and he LOVES it. He doesn’t believe in love and ha..

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Prince (c)Harming by Navpreet Kaur & Mrinaal Prem Swarrop Srivastava

About The Book:When Ashima becomes head girl with undue influences and bypassing of all morality, De..

₹180 ₹180 Ex Tax: ₹180

Prisoned In Love by Vaiibhav Nigam

About The Book:Rayirth Kapoor, nine years ago made his American Dream come true when he got admissi..

₹240 Ex Tax: ₹240

Promises of a firefly by Anupam Patra

About the Book: A blind girl’s chance meeting with a stranger sets her on an unforgettable journey ..

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Solitude Revisited by Manaswita Ghosh

About The Book: Solitude Revisited is a confession, a realization and the musings of a pensive youn..

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The Inimitable Chaos Of Life by Maliny Mohan

About The Book:‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a collection of fourteen heart-rending stories, whi..

₹190 Ex Tax: ₹190

The OM Mala by Nityanand Misra

About The Book:The mystic sound OM is one of the shortest Sanskrit words, and yet it is the mo..

₹250 Ex Tax: ₹250

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