About the Book: The concealed secret of mighty powers of Nagas and the protocol of treaty among Dewas, Asuras, and Nagas has been compromised by five traitor Sarpa brothers of Ananta Shesha Naga’s royal family. The seed to destroy the world has been concealed by the dazzling and treacherous Sarpini Swarna from Garbha Loka and royal Naga bloodline has been defected. Demon prince, Karushetu is born in the depths of Paataal Loka. Demon master of the dark world had waged a deathly invasion to defunct all races. Puissant empires are falling. Asura emperor Varuna and Deva ruler Indra are running for their lives. Amidst this chaotic situation and ensuing deathly crisis, no one is left to challenge Karushetu’s mighty powers and long-standing dark armies to save the world except the last lone and formidable Naga warrior, Ananta Shesha Naga and his lord Maha Rudra. While you read this heart-gripping and jaw-dropping tale of love, lust, greed, treachery, vengeance, ruthless war, and quest for survival, you might forget to breathe. The mysterious and hideous lord of the dark world is going to seize your reasoning and capture your heart. Strap yourself in for one heck of a ride into the dark and the deadly world of Paatal Loka for an endlessly enthralling and mesmerizing quest. THERE WAS NEVER ANY PEACE, THE WORLD WAS ALWAYS AT WAR. About Author: After receiving encouraging response for his previous released books “Trickles of Life” and “Shadows of Terror”, Air force veteran and educationist Sanjeev K. Sharma has come out with this ‘Saga of Nagas’.

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Ananta Shesha Naga: Rise of Demon Prince by Sanjeev Sharma

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