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9 Chocolaty bites by Ananya V. Ganesh

About the Book From growing tails to talking ants, everything is just one big pickle in this fun col..

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Chalo Khele by Shwetal Pandit

About The Book: Meet Komal. Have you met her? Little Komal is 10 years old. She lives in D..

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Genius kids on a mission by Ekta Bhatnagar

About the Book-What happens when parents keep a secret from you or when they forbid you to do someth..

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One Crow flies like an Eagle by Sridhar Vakkalanka

About the Book:“One Crow Flies Like An Eagle” is the story of an unfortunate baby crow. A cuckoo lai..

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Tao and Flipsy

 ‘Tao & Flipsy’ by Anusuya Vasudevan is a journey to celebrate and beat the drums about an..

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Toonee the Turtle and his friends by Dhara Purohit

About thy book:There are so many animals to meet in the Marine Life: from seahorses and sea turtles,..

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Wickety Whack by Monica Khanna Jhalani

About The BookFull of whacky humour, mischief, fun and learning, the book revolves around a bunch of..

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