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‘પ્રેમ-અપ્રેમ’ એ મારી પ્રથમ લઘુ નવલકથા છે. માત્ર અને માત્ર ત્રણ પાત્રોની અરસપરસની લાગણી અને સંબંધની..

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આ વાર્તા સંગ્રહમાં બહુ લાંબું અને વર્ણનાત્મક નહિ બલ્કે અલ્પ શબ્દોનો સહારો લઈને જાણે ગહનઅધ્યયન કરી શ..

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સેકેન્ડ ચાન્સ

“થાકેલા સપનાં, હારેલા સંબંધ અને પ્રશ્નાર્થ ચિહ્ન પર અટકેલા પ્રેમ ને શું જેમનું તેમ છોડી દેવુંયોગ્ય ..

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When my father cried

Brimming with success, the ambitious and talented girl Malini Malhotra has transformed her ill desti..

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The Resurrection of Evil

When an antique artefact is stolen from National Museum, Delhi, a reckless and stubborn police offic..

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Wheels Of Wish

About Author :Bibhu Datta Rout is an Indian novelist and investment banking professional. Born in Od..

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Sensual Attraction by A.J Karan

ABOUT THE AUTHORAfter spending more than three decades in a full-time time profession in the Hotel I..

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A sip of love and a sip of coffee by Ganga Bharani

About the book:  How many years did you have to wait to find true love? Avanthika, a love-one-g..

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Didare -e -dil by Kiren Babal

About the book:  Life is scattered all over the pages of life. The life has taken various forms..

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Kantili Raahein

A collection of short-stories that depicts the society at the grass-root level. Dr. Zeba Rashid's ex..

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Main Tula Hoon

Main Tula Hoon is When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego, the world will seem alright and w..

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Mirrored Spaces

In April 2015, a group of part-time hobby writers from IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi came together wit..

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This book is a collection of short stories in Odia. Here the writer has written stories that are ins..

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Dreamcatcher by Rosheena Zehra

About the book :  If there is one word to describe this book, it would be 'repression'. Zoya, a..

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Wicked Temptation

"Wicked Temptations" by Riti Prasad is based on "Navras"- the nine emotions of life and a chance to ..

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