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Tales From East Of Singalila

About the book- Written with simplicity and poetic wonder that is so essential in a mystic tale in a..

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Tao and Flipsy

 ‘Tao & Flipsy’ by Anusuya Vasudevan is a journey to celebrate and beat the drums about an..

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That's How I Knew Love by Shelly Mittal

About the Book: Most love stories begin like…. Boy loves girl and girl eventually falls for the..

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The Blind Trial by Suaiman Sait

About the Book:The book is a medical thriller. The story revolves around a young PG doctor (Dr. Niti..

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The Great Rock Music Quiz Book by Verus Ferreira

 About The BookThe 16 chapters in the book examine the life and times of prominent rock music a..

₹225 Ex Tax: ₹225

The Inimitable Chaos Of Life by Maliny Mohan

About The Book:‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a collection of fourteen heart-rending stories, whi..

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The Maverick's Journey by Dr.Paramita Mukherjee Mullick

About the book:Maverick's Journey is a collection of sixty poems. While writing poetry about what th..

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The OM Mala by Nityanand Misra

About The Book:The mystic sound OM is one of the shortest Sanskrit words, and yet it is the mo..

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The Other by Abha Iyengar and Mona Verma

About the book:We bring to you stories of many ‘Others’ where no two are same, yet strung together b..

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The Secret Law of Blessing by Karan Razdan

About The Book: If you do not want to change, then drop this book. If you are happy with your u..

₹175 Ex Tax: ₹175

Titanic Sonnets by Mimin Zomi

About the book: Titanic Sonnets is a collection of 228 sonnets in a linear format, that is, it..

₹150 Ex Tax: ₹150

Toonee the Turtle and his friends by Dhara Purohit

About thy book:There are so many animals to meet in the Marine Life: from seahorses and sea turtles,..

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Treacherous Desires by Kritika Sharma

About the Book:They say everything has an expiration date. Kaya didn’t know her marriage had one too..

₹175 Ex Tax: ₹175

Udgaar by Late Om Sachdev 'Sehar'

About The Book:‘Udgaar’ is a beautiful collection of Poems, Shayari, Ghazals, Dohey, and other forms..

₹250 Ex Tax: ₹250

Ummeed abhi baki hai by Madhu Arora

About the Book-It’s a story of a girl whose life story spans from the then Bombay to present day’s M..

₹150 ₹225 Ex Tax: ₹150

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