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Sau Kos Moomal By Dr. Minakshi Swamy

About the Book- This novel is an honest attempt at developing harmony between India & Pakistan...

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Shabd Kalrav by Shital Gadhavi

About the book:આઠ કવિ મિત્રોએ મળીને સંકલિત કરેલ છે આ કાવ્યસંગ્રહ. About the Author:આઠ કવિ મિત્ર..

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Shades of Revenge by Sandeep Mishra

About The Book: Shades of Revenge is a story that dwells in everyone's hearts but takes ages to com..

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Simplify Your Life by Vaibhav Datar

Vaibhav Datar, an accomplished coach with has had several coaching engagements over the past 5 years..

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Singing Bell by Subhash Pant

About the BookThese stories are based on Author’s social, political, economic, and cultural understa..

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Smokes And Whiskey by Tejaswini Divya Naik

About the BookTitled Smokes and Whiskey, the book is a collection of 42 poems on relationships, the ..

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Solitude Revisited by Manaswita Ghosh

About The Book: Solitude Revisited is a confession, a realization and the musings of a pensive youn..

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Tales From East Of Singalila by Arun Acharya

About the book- Written with simplicity and poetic wonder that is so essential in a mystic tale in a..

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Tao and Flipsy by Anusuya Vasudevan

 ‘Tao & Flipsy’ by Anusuya Vasudevan is a journey to celebrate and beat the drums about an..

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The Blind Trial by Suaiman Sait

About the Book:The book is a medical thriller. The story revolves around a young PG doctor (Dr. Niti..

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The Clown of White Fields & Other Stories by Mona Verma

About the BookThe Clown of White Fields is a collection of 7 stories set in various parts of the wor..

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The Great Rock Music Quiz Book by Verus Ferreira

 About The BookThe 16 chapters in the book examine the life and times of prominent rock music a..

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The Inimitable Chaos Of Life by Maliny Mohan

About The Book:‘The Inimitable Chaos Of Life’ is a collection of fourteen heart-rending stories, whi..

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The Maverick's Journey by Dr.Paramita Mukherjee Mullick

About the book:Maverick's Journey is a collection of sixty poems. While writing poetry about what th..

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The OM Mala by Nityanand Misra

About The Book:The mystic sound OM is one of the shortest Sanskrit words, and yet it is the mo..

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